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hejo3 Every journey is initiatory

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Recents posts

12 Sep

A few Midnight Sun Films


We selected a few films that touched us.The trailers should convince you, otherwise Laura’s words ...

01 Sep

Surrealist sound paintings on surrealist silent movies


"Un coup de dés jamais n'abolira le hasard"

26 Aug

Soundtrack/ August14

Sound Track

"Tout juste Auguste"

25 Aug
31 Jul

Soundtrack/ July14

Sound Track

H. - "..." B. - "I know" H. - "..."

22 Jul

Midnight Sun Film Festival: Behind the scenes


Behind the scene (or maybe the screen) of the Midnight Sun Film Festival in Lapland

05 Jul

Outer Space animated

Mosts and Founds

This selection of short animation movies will make you travel to outer space

01 Jul

Soundtrack / June14

Sound Track

"I don't really get the logic in this playlist, but man, those sounds are awesome"

27 Jun

Digging for magic Amethyst in Lapland


Discover the magic properties of Amethyst from Lapland

22 Jun

Duck Vs. Wild – The Junior Woodchucks guidebook

The Shelf

Challenge Bear Grylls with the Junior Woodchucks guide to the wild and ... everything else...