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Recents posts

04 Apr

Without donkeys on the Stevenson trail


4 days of walking on the Steveson trail in center of France. From the Shire to beyond the wall

31 Mar

SoundTrack /Mar14

Sound Track

Each month, our musical discoveries and favorites “Emotional Elevator”

31 Mar

Cartier-Bresson in Centre Pompidou


12 February – 9 June 2014 Centre Pompidou, Paris During a few days off from ...

31 Mar

in Bikini for business


Hecko's notes from his last trip in Berlin, while he stayed at 25h Bikini Hotel

04 Mar

The Sagmeister Happy Show


Genious Austrian-designer Stefan Sagmeister shares his conclusions (in progress) on happiness through inspiring creations in a exciting exhibition

28 Feb

SoundTrack /Feb14

Sound Track

Each month, our musical discoveries and favorites “Il faut vivre dangereusement, les instants de chaque jour”

24 Feb

Hejorama the 3rd


A little presentation of this new Hejorama grinding. Same Same but different. (for those of you interested in history and masterplans)

30 Jan

SoundTrack /Jan 14

Sound Track

Each month, our music selecta "La musique adoucit les mœurs"

05 Nov

ALP x Hejorama camera 5 is back!

Disposable Stories

On the eve of the Mayan end of the world, we send 5 new disposable ...

13 Aug

The futuristic ‘Hyperloop’ transport

Oddly Moving

California billionaire Elon Musk unveils his futuristic "fifth mode" transport "Hyperloop"