Zsa Zsa & Loui - Forrest Gump
Zsa Zsa & Loui - Forest Gump
Zsa Zsa & Loui - Hermano the Chef

The FOREST GUMP is one of the delicious sandwiches created by Italian chef Hermano,
for Zsa Zsa & Loui.
With a concept called STREETFOOD GOURMET Hermano created a amazing menu, with flavours and inspiration from all around the world.
I’ve been there a lot, and I can assure you for having tasted all the sandwiches, that the concept works!
Mit Pommes oder Salat.


Zsa Zsa & Loui

RichardStrasse 103, Neukölln, 12043 Berlin
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You can chill there and eat breakfast, sandwiches, dishes or homemade cakes, enjoy some music and the company of the lovely staff.
You can (in my opinion) order anything blindly, cocktails included. No mistake possible.
Definitely my favorite place in Neukölln.

(I was there so often, that I could see the photoshoot of the sandwiches.
An exclusive making-of, for Hejorama)

Zsa Zsa & Loui
Zsa Zsa & Loui
Zsa Zsa & Loui - Shooting
Zsa Zsa & Loui - Shooting

(thanks a lot for your time Hermano, contact me for the end of the interview, mate)