In June 2012 we embarked on a journey to find a legendary animal: the Flemish Giant rabbit. And we found it! Here's the video telling this story.
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If you haven't read our previous articles about this adventure, here's a quick summary. For years our error page has featured the photo of a giant rabbit found on the internet. For fun we figured that we should go find the farm where this picture was taken and shoot a similar photo. A quick Internet search revealed that those rabbits are called Flemish Giants and are originally from the Gent area in Belgium. Our route was set, we only needed a ride for this adventure. So we got in touch with the cool people at We-Van who lent us one of their awesome campervan to provide transportation and accommodation in Belgium. On June 14th we kissed goodbye to our hometown of Paris and set course to the North.

The journey

After a quick stop in Lille for dinner, we drove to Oostende to sleep (wake up) near the beach. A good night of rest before a busy day of asking people around for information about the Flemish Giant. Unfortunately on that first day, we didn't meet anyone really helpful. As always Internet came to our rescue and a few Belgian couchsurfers gave us directions to people supposed to have one (or more) of this famous breed of rabbit. It took us a few attempts but we finally located two of those people and they indeed had some huge rabbits to show us. Victory! Our quest was fulfilled and we could go on exploring Belgium to celebrate. After a fun night in Gent, we left for Brussels where we partied all night long Hejorama style! But all this is far more fun to watch in the video. Enjoy! Team Hejorama