Game of Thrones Kings landing map (from A Clash of Kings)

In a previous Monday Map we talked about the opening sequence of Game of Thrones. This time we'd like to share the original maps from the books.

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Two weeks ago, HBO aired the first episode of the new season of our favorite TV show these days: Game of Thrones. Since we already talked about the amazing map from the opening title, we decided to share this time the original maps of the books. After all they deserve part of the credits for making the books so popular.

The following maps are the work of Jeffrey L. Ward and James Sinclair (depending on the books) and are a remarkable work of fantasy style mapping. Traditionally epic fantasy book sagas like Game of Thrones or the Lord of The Rings, always have maps at the beginning of the book to help the reader place geographically the action. They sometime feature the journey of the heroes like the fellowship of the ring. It can also help the author create an interesting and richer universe for more options of adventures.

Here are more of the maps from the different book of the Game of Thrones saga:

Game ofThrones: The North map (from A Feast for Crows)

Game of Thrones: The south map (A Clash of Kings)

Game of Thrones: Valyria map (from A Dance with Dragons)

Game of Thrones: The free cities map (from A Dance with Dragons)

Game of Thrones: Iron Islands map (from A Feast for Crows)