The video above was created by British illustrator and designer Rob Bailey and commissioned by Cornerhouse for the 'Intertwining Line' exhibition. The series is composed of 30 animated road trip movies (by plane, car or submarine). You can see 9 of the videos on Rob Bailey's Vimeo page. We have featured here our three favorite ones but they are all amazing.

We loved those videos a lot because they provide an opportunity of contemplating travels from a different perspective and allow a quiet moment of thinking will you watch them. Why do we travel? Is about the journey or the destination? Should I be on the road or in this plane right now?

Here's what I suggest: turn off your music, forget about any boring task you have to do today and take the time to watch those videos. They are only 2 minutes long, which seems like an eternity in our fast-paced society. You might be tempted to skip forward in the video to see what happen, don't. Take the time. It's only two minutes. Use you imagination and escape your daily life for those two minutes. We call it traveling without moving. Rob Bailey's gorgeous videos are the perfect mean for that...