Inauguration - featured image

At last, we are here. D-Day. The first article of Hejorama. The bottle of champagne explodes against the hull of the site,inaguration in formal dinners, a serious ceremony. The emotion is at its height.

By the way, what is Hejorama? A complicated name, yellow and gray, travel?

And, indeed, it’s above all about travel, about lifestyle. So many see travel as an activity, but we see it as a mentality, which is practiced every minute of our existence. It’s a mentality about the curious, about explorers, about nomads, even the immovable; about those who wish to discover the world and its secrets. The mentality of those who are open-minded, and know that we can’t discover the world without discovering its inhabitants. Travel as a method of generating stories and unforgettable moments. Finally, travel as a way to discover oneself, to understand oneself.

Hejorama is a community which lives by its philosophy. A community which travels, meets, parties, and shares experiences, stories, and advice. A community which has a world conscience in which it lives, for better or worse. It’s about people who travel in their own way, with their own history, their past, and their differences but going in the same direction. A community within which to live unforgettable experiences, and to learn from each other.

Finaly, Hejorama is also an online magazine. A spokesperson of the community, our way to share our ideas, to inspire. This magazine will try to explore travel with a new angle. A new eye on an ancestral practice. Surveys, reports  and briefings which will give a complete panorama of the ways of traveling, discovery, and exploration.

I hope that you take pleasure in navigating along the pages.

See you soon, somewhere in the world.

Travel as you are


check our manifesto for more about the Hejorama philosophy