As part of our Gang Of Travelers survey, discover the four gorgeous traveling girls from Santa Cruz, CA a.k.a the TBW!

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  • Soundtrack of the report
  • "Help I'm Alive" (The Twelves remix)
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We've met half—Marisa and Danielle—of the TBW gang when they came to visit Paris last summer during their Eurotrip which took them to Dublin, Barcelona, Greece and Paris. We had great time drinking and partying with them for the 14th of July. They told us about their travel stories, awesome costume parties back home and Marisa impressed us with her stunning music culture. She can recognizes instantly pretty much any song. Just like Shazam!

Discover the ultimate girl-only traveling gang of our survey!

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Identity of the gang

Name of the gang? The TBW (we could tell you what the acronym means but then we'd have to kill you)

Members? Danielle, Caroline, Marisa, Camila

Established since? Marisa and Camila met before they could even walk, and met Danielle and Caroline in kindergarten.

Hometown/base? Santa Cruz, CA! The real Surf City! :)

Age of younger and older gang members? We are all 21 years old, with our birthdays between May and November.

Favorite quote of the gang? Sometimes we watch "Moulin Rouge" and recite every line of the movie, songs included. Does that count?

Song(s) of the gang? the soundtrack to Moulin Rouge, "Help I'm Alive" By Metric (The Twelves remix), motown and funk, anything by Snoop Dogg, The Beatles, Ludacris, Mason Jennings, Rage Against The Machine... and the music video to "Ride" by Ciara.

Destinations (and number of trips)? Oh we've been up and down the state together (Chico to Santa Barbara), and we've been to Europe numerous times together (sometimes in couples, sometimes all four) (countries include France, Spain, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Germany), and we've been to Mexico.

Main travel activities? We drink. A lot. And lay on the beach. A lot. Also, we like to find good food and see art. It depends on the country.

Additional details?
- Camila, Danielle, and Caroline are all huge readers, and usually go through a small stack of books on each trip (and Harry Potter on the iPod as played through the portable iPod speakers). Marisa prefers listening to music.
-Most people we've talked to are shocked by two things: 1) Just how long we've been friends and 2) That we are able to travel together and still remain friends by the end of our trips!

Mosaic TBW


Best thing about travelling with the gang? Worst thing?

The best thing- You're always with your best friends! Whenever something interesting happens, they are right there with you. You don't have to miss them. Plus we totally egg each other on to do questionable things at odd hours of the night.
The worst thing- Different sleeping schedules or drinking habits :)

How do you prepare your trips? Who's in charge of that?

We go around and around about what countries we want to visit. Then we pick cities and book plane tickets. Then we book hostels (or we save that for the last minute). Then Marisa does an insane amount of unnecessary research on every aspect of the cities. Then Danielle and Caroline and Camila have fun anyway :)

What would be the ideal trip of the gang?

Honestly, we've never had a bad experience in Greece.

Best travel memories?

Those are for us to know and you to neverrrrr find out ;)

Next trips of the gang?

We're all about to graduate college, and it's starting to sound like we each want to move to a different state or country, so we may have some unexpected trips in the near-ish future.