During my temporary residence in NY in May, I took the chance to go visit our friend, editor and main advisor, Daniel in his hometown of Toronto.

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As usual when I go on a trip like that I update my Facebook status with my destination to see if my friends might know people there that we should meet (see point n°6 of the manifesto). I usually get an answer but this time was more interesting because our singer friend from Paris, Alfred Williams sent me a message to told me about this really cool band he met in London, England a week before and that was back in Toronto a couple of days before me. Everything went really fast and on my second day, we were in a coffee shop in Kensington Market talking with Gary Peter from the band These Electric Lives.

I won’t lie, I didn’t prepare anything before meeting up with Gary and I was really hungover from bar crawling east Toronto the night before. But he was really cool and Daniel was there to come up with the interesting questions. We had a very nice talk about their tour in the UK and Ireland the week before. He also gave us some good tips about what to do in Toronto which will be perfect for anyone planning to go there.

When I came back I checked out the music of These Electric Lives and I really liked it. It’s quite hard to describe, especially with my terrible music culture but the voice of the singer is really cool and I enjoyed the electro mix with the instruments. You should definitely check their Myspace or their official website to listen to their tunes. Next time we hope to see them live!


Some pictures of the gang on tour:

These Electric Lives 1

These Electric Lives 2

These Electric Lives 3

These Electric Lives 4

These Electric Lives 5