Metro Moscow 1931 The very first map of the archive - 1931. It's actually a projection of the lines that will be open in 1935. is a project by the Russian designer Artiom Lebedev. It was started in 1996 and is regularly updated. It features an extensive collection of maps of the metro of Moscow of the past 80 years.

The first one is from 1931 and the latest one is the official one released last year. It's really amazing to see the evolution of the map but also all the "unofficial" maps that were designed during the soviet era.

You will find below some of our favorite ones but make sure to check this page to see the full archive. Also you can read the history of the metro of Moscow on the official website here.


Metro Moscow 1946 The first colored map in 1946 with cute icons representing the monuments.
Metro Moscow 1947 Beautiful illustrated map from 1946.
Metro Moscow 1962 The first map in English - 1962
Metro Moscow 1967 An unofficial map on a piece of fabric. Not sure what it was used for. 1967
Metro Moscow 1984 The first map featuring the current design - 1984
Metro Moscow 2010 The latest official map released - 2010