Discover our new column which helps you define the perfect fashion style for your trips around the world.

  • Story Alex
  • Illustration Madeleine
  • Selection Gaelle
  • Soundtrack of the report
  • Kalinka
  • Red Army Chorus

Anywhere you go you will need to adapt your clothing style to your surroundings, the people, the weather and obviously what you like to wear. But we don't believe that traveling the world requires you to wear technical clothing, convertible cargo pants and hiking sandals.

We have decided to venture into the fashion arena and provide our readers with some ideas of outfits for different situations. For that we asked the fashion guidance of our expert friend Gaelle who has made a selection for both men and women.

This new monthly columns will answer first the question: how to dress when you take the Transsiberian?

Unfortunately, we lost all the references to the clothes in this first installment but decided to still publish it, because the illustrations by our intern Madeleine were very nice. This is the test ride of this new column so let us know what you think! And submit any questions, we'll answer them in coming issues.

Next month, how to dress to ride the Death Road of Bolivia.