Rick Mereki, Tim White and Andrew Lees are three great travelers. They visited 11 countries in 44 days, and realized these 3 beautiful short films: "Move, Eat, Learn", an ode to travel, "a trip of a lifetime" as they say. After having watched them, I just want to take the road and live as many experiences!

But when I learned that these films were realized for an Australian travel agency and I noticed that 44 days weren't very much to visit 11 countries I started wondering: did these guys really had time to discover the countries and their culture, to meet people and build links? Or did they travel only to realize this communication campaign and film beautiful pictures? If you count the hours of flight, they stayed maybe 3 days per country... And there is no video entitled "Meet" which would be the the most important for me! But after all, the videos are really nice, they transmit a beautiful message and make us want to travel.

So travel, Enjoy, Move, Eat, Learn, Meet!

Note for the Australians who would read this article: the travel agency, STA Australia, organize a contest to win a world trip. Why not you?