Rabbits are pretty cool and are often off on crazy adventures: that's a fact. Thanks to one rabbit, Neo was led to Morpheus and eventually out of the Matrix - just like Alice before him, who was following a hurrying white rabbit across Wonderland to eventually meet the Queen of Heart.

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In search of a new journey in Europe to get away from from our Paris routine, we figured we’d might as well try to find our own white rabbit - and follow him to see where it takes us, and who we'll meet along the way.

For years, the error page of Hejorama has been a photo of a giant rabbit with the question "Is that what you are looking for?" next to it as an ironic sign that you have reached a dead end or mistyped the URL. But what if we actually went looking for him? If a tiny white rabbit led Neo to become the chosen One, no doubt that one of those giant rabbits could take us on the craziest adventure ever.


On Thursday, we are embarking on a journey to find the Flemish Giant — as the species is known — in Belgium, where he's supposed to come from. We have no idea where to actually find this rabbit, but that's all part of the fun, correct?

The other fun part of this trip is that we have teamed up with van rental company We-Van to take one of their ladies along for the trip. We had the chance to meet the founders of We-Van a few times in Paris and really enjoyed their vision of the road trip. Their travel philosophy is very similar to ours, so it seemed natural for us to go see them when we decided to take the road to Belgium.

To be fair, it's going to be our first road trip in a van and we are super excited about it. It seems to be the perfect way to enjoy this adventure in total freedom. As we have no idea where to find the rabbit, we needed to be flexible and adapt our itinerary to the information we'll gather locally - which means we obviously can't book any hostels. A problem that the van solves easily is that it will transport us wherever we need to go on this journey, and we expect it to be a comfy home on the road - not to mention that it will save us money that we will of course spend on beer and French fries!

The current location of the van with team Hejorama (will be updated live).

We will be sharing everything live during the entire trip: our position on HejoMap, our impressions on Twitter and the best photos on Instagram. So don't forget to follow us!

And if you are in Belgium this weekend, let's meet up!

Team Hejorama