Dog NY Mets In New York before a Mets game.

I've always been a dog person. Dogs seem calm around me. And since I can't travel with a dog of my own, I'm never bothered by curious dogs when I'm on the road.

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Dogs are always amusing: around the world, they all live the same life. Looking for food. Looking for a friend. Looking to play. Always getting into trouble.

On leashes or on the street, dogs always seem to pose for me. Better than postcards or souvenirs, I collect photographs of dogs from my travels around the world.

My four-legged friends.



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PS: this is the second series of Daniel's street dogs picture. If you like it, check out the first series.

Dog Toronto Toronto
Dog Scotland Scotland
Dog Laos Laos
Belize puppy Belize
Dog Belize Belize
Dog Belize Belize
Dog Belize Belize
Dog Belize Belize
Dog Bangkok Bangkok
Belize dog Belize
Dog Playa del Carmen, Mexico Playa Del Carmen, Mexico
Dog Laos Laos
Dog Montreal Montreal