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In March we have launched our first photo contest. We asked people to send us their pictures of the food they were served during their flights to complete our in-flight meal collection. It was originally due to end at the end of last month but we've been so busy with our different projects that we extended until today.

And now it's time to publish our favorite submissions from our awesome readers who took the time to sent us their meals.

Thanks so much to every one who send us pictures and keep them coming!

Jaime on Airfrance

It was actually really delicious! Best I've had in-flight. And you can't beat AirFrance's complimentary booze! :P

Airfrance by Jaime

Dwight on China Air

I don't think China Air is particularly well known for their food, but I got a pleasant surprise when they dropped a tray with a piping hot Mos Burger on top of it. I didn't really expect to get popular Japanese fast food.

China Air Dwight 2

Dwight on China Air 2

In the second picture where I let you peek into the foil, you can see what's basically chicken and gravy has been thrown between two rice buns. Was good, but super hot and I ended up giving up trying to eat it like a burger and instead went to town with the plastic fork. Pineapple cookie and orange juice to wash it down.

China Air Dwight 1

Sean on Lufthansa

Desert and drinks straight from the Business Class.

Sean Lufthansa

Daniel on Laos Airlines

Just the box

Daniel Lao Airlines 1

Daniel on Laos Airlines 2

And the actual meal.

Daniel Lao Airlines2

Nico on Qatar Airways

A very full meal for lunch.

Nico Qatar Airways 1

Nico on Qatar Airways 2

A very full tray for breakfast as well.

Nico Qatar Airways 2

Yvonne on Air Transat



Yvonne on Aegean

Fruit plate and meal