A few days ago, I enjoyed a wonderful and magic experience in the heart of Paris at the “Cité internationale des Arts”. The “Tour Vagabonde” (vagabond tower) has been built along the Seine, in front of the “Ile Saint-Louis”. It’s an itinerant reproduction of the Globe Theatre of Shakespeare (1599), built more than fifteen years ago in Switzerland, that has traveled across Europe these last years, with “Shakespearian” performances, but also other ones like “Cyrano de Bergerac” of Edmond Rostand, or baroque classical concerts.

Globe Theatre inside

Romeo & Juliette


In Paris, and until the 14th of July, you can discover or re-discover “Rome & Juliet”, interpreted by French comedians, musicians and singers from the “Compagnie Les Milles Chandelles”, in a both classical and modern way. With only 250 persons in this theatre, a proximity with the artists, the wood that creaks, the lanterns… You’ll have the feeling to be in another world. An enchanted time travel.

Globe Theatre 2

Old tower

I strongly recommend this show to you!


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18 rue de l’hotel de ville 75004 PARIS – FRANCE
Tickets: 36,30€ / 20,80€ (-26)

At the end of the show (or during the entracte) you can eat French raclette and drink mulled wine in a lovely hut, and speak with the comedians or the other spectators. Yum!