We are partnering up with the awesome people at Loopcam for an exciting new contest of GIF-loops on the theme of 360° trips. Get ready to spin around the world!

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It's soon Christmas so we decided that we have to make some gifts to our faithful readers. So we came up with the idea of a joint contest with our friends at Loopcam.

The concept is very simple: download Loopcam, create amazing GIF-loops on the theme "360° trips" and upload them with the hashtag #360trip. If you create the most awesome one, you will win a t-shirt from the upcoming "J'ai deux amours ... et Paris" collection by Hejorama to be released in 2012.

Take advantage of the Christmas holidays to make fantastic loops in places that you will be travelling to or just use the free time to come up with elaborated concepts to blow our minds.


  • - The contest runs from December 15th 2011 till January 15th 2012.
  • - Only the gifs with the hashtag #360trip will be part of the contest
  • - On January 15th, a jury composed of the people running Hejorama and Loopcam will select the 10 best GIF-loops. Then it will be a public vote during one week to select the winning one.
  • - Only GIF-loops created with Loopcam will be accepted. We will still publish the cool ones created by other means but they won't be part of the main contest. There might be a special prize.
  • - You must reside on Earth to participate.
  • - You must be old enough to be able to create a GIF-loops to participate.
  • - You can create as many GIF-loops as you want. But only quality and originality matters.
  • - The winner will be announced on Hejorama.com and Loop.cam on January 25.


The winner of the votes of the final round will get a t-shirt of his choice in the coming collection "J'ai deux amours" t-shirt created by Hejorama. The runner-up will receive a couple of travel notebooks.

Rubsy wearing our S-size samples. A bit tight... All sizes will be available for the winner of course!

Criteria to make it to the final round:

  • - Respect the 360° trip theme
  • - Be creative
  • - Be original
  • - Find a cool/remote/exotic/odd/imaginary location to make your gifs (not mandatory).

Some examples of what we mean by "360° trips". (But please, surprise us!)

Brooklyn / Posted by Numi Midori
The earth 2.3 / Posted by @jakobelmgren
NY skyline / Posted by @laurenboches
L’arc de triomphe / Posted by @davidsundin

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