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If you came to the Hejorama World Trip Parties, you already know our love for animated gifs. Ben has a huge collection that he uses when VJaying at parties to make people dance. Just watch the dancing ninja and try resist fire up some moves!

When we were introduced to Loopcam by our friend Lorenzo, we figured that it would be fantastic to start a series of travel gifs. Loopcam is an iOS app that lets you create super easily GIF-loops using the camera of the iPhone. Launch the app, point to something and tap on the button everytime you want to create a new frame for your animation. When you're done, the app creates a looping gif with all the photos, then you can share or upload it.

If you go to Loopcam's website you will see a massive collection of those gifs created with the app. And since they are all tagged, you can easily browse through them. As you can guess, we went directly to the travel tag and made the selection that you can see below.

We will select new ones every month to feature in this new column. Enjoy collection #1!


PS: we will understand if you don't stay on this page more than 2 minutes. It might cause headaches if you stay too long. GIFs are still awesome!

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