Monkey Beach - Penang Money Beach - Penang

This is the second week of our SEA adventure but so far I'm the only one around. Let me tell you about my first week alone in Singapore and Malaysia.

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I left Berlin two days after the first snow of the season and I was super excited to find warmer weather in Singapore. I never really realized how close to the equator the island is and I didn't assume it would be that warm. But that's what I wanted anyways...

I spent my first two days discovering Singapore and not sleeping much because of the jet lag which led me to explore the surroundings of my hostel (read the review here) early in the morning. I think Ann Siang Hill might actually be my favorite area of Singapore. The rest of city was nice but nothing very exciting. If you are into shopping Singapore will be your paradise as there are malls everywhere. But I was a lot more excited about the Hawker centers and I spend most of my time eating.

I headed then to Kuala Lumpur in a cheap but comfortable bus and stayed there for a couple of days. It was quite a change from clean Singapore and I immediately liked the city which I would describe as an interesting mix of Singapore and Cairo. My two day exploration didn't lead to any interesting notes so I'll spare you the touristy details of the city. I wish I could meet some people living there to show me around though.

Finally another 6-hour bus ride took me to Penang where I was eager to finally find a beach and take a swim. I stayed 3 days in Battu Ferringhi, the beach town of Penang and two days in George Town, an old colonial trade outpost that now serves as the capital city of the island. I enjoyed both a lot--more than I expected--mostly due to the fact that I met some cool people there and was lucky with my accommodation. In Battu Feringhi I stayed with Annie and Raj in their "homestay" which was fantastic and allowed me to truly relax. In George Town, I stayed at the Hutton Lodge, a very nice old colonial house turned hostel where my dorm was totally empty and the staff remarkably nice.

From Penang I took a night train to Bangkok but that will be for next week's episode of our SEA adventure.

I think some pictures will sum up better all this:


Ann Siang Hill - Singapore The empty streets of Ann Siang Hill at 6am
Taxi driver KL I usually hate taxi drivers but this guy was awesome!
Kuala Lumpur Petronas Towers The legendary Petronas towers. Boring photo but impressive to see in real life.
Chicken rice - Penang Chicken rice dishes were 90% of my meals in Malaysia.
House to sell in George Town - Penang If I had the money I'd buy this house and turn it in a Hejorama hostel.
Thaipusam Playboy - Penang Dude has a playboy tattoo. I wonder if Hugh Hefner realizes the hegemony of his white bunny.
Drinking water Thaipusam - Penang Not easy to drink water when you have a 60cm long stick transpiercing your cheeks.
Thaipusam coconuts - Penang During Thaipusam you are supposed to smash coconuts on the ground to prevent bad luck.