• Briefing Alex

If you're following our Twitter stream and the SEA adventure column you'll already be aware that Roy and I are currently at a Muay Thai camp in Phuket.This article should have been online earlier but we were just too sore to publish it…

We (Roy, Ryan and I) arrived in Phuket on Sunday evening and hadn’t arranged a taxi to the camp. Luckily Deniz, a pilot for Lufthansa, was also at the airport going to the same camp so we shared his ride and got to know each other. We finally arrived at Rawai Muay Thai, a camp we had chosen after reading the article series published on The Planetd travel blog. After three days of training I can honestly tell that we are very happy with this choice and are considering staying for a second week./p>

We will share more details about this in a coming column but here’s a basic overview of what we are doing here:

- Waking up at 6:30am and getting ready to start warming up at 7am. First training session starts at 7:30am and lasts for two hours.

- Breakfast, nap and free time to work or just relax. It’s really hot around that time so it’s not very easy to do anything else. We might try to get to the beach in the coming days.

- Second training session starts à 3pm and is about 1hour and a half. There’s a third training session after that but we can’t attend as beginners. I honestly doubt we would attend anyways.

- Then it’s dinner time, work and relaxation. There’s not much to do around the camp except for a few massage parlors and prostitute bars.

We are staying in a shared bungalow which makes us feel like we're back in summer camp but that’s good fun to be honest. It’s nice to be right on the camp as we get to easily meet the other people training with us. It’s an interesting mix of highly trained fighters and tourists like us but everyone seems very motivated. More photos and videos to come soon, for now enjoy the trailer!

Note: special gift for whoever recognizes the soundtrack of this video!