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This week the talented singer-songwriter from Quebec, Canada, Coeur de Pirate answers our questions

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Beatrice Martin is hands down our favourite new singer. We first heard her sing as Coeur de Pirate in French from her debut record which came out in 2008. We noticed her amazing voice, the tattoos, her knack for style - and that she seemed to be on the road a lot, exploring cities across Europe and North America.

Recently she has been collaborating with other musicians and singing in English - between working on her second solo record. We were curious to find out about her experience with travel and how that shapes her life as a writer and musician. We asked the questions, and here is her response. Enjoy!


1. What attracts you to travel? Does it inspire your music?

I’m the type of person that has a hard time staying in one place for any long period of time. I think travel is important; and if you can do it, it helps you discover new things and grow as a person. It sounds a bit silly to say it like that, but it’s true. Visiting places gives you stories, which lead to songs. :)

2. What cities have you enjoyed performing in the most?

I always enjoy Paris and Montréal, as well as Provence.

3. You mention the Place de la République (not far from our office) in one of your songs. Is this a part of Paris that you particularly enjoy? What are the places you like to visit in Paris?

Le Marais, Porte Maillot and its rabbits, the Arts bridge and its locks, the Alexandre 3 bridge, Saint Sulpice church and of course, la Place de la République as well as the Saint Martin canal. :)

4. Any place you dream of performing?

At the Jardin des Plantes

5. What is the travel memory that you usually keep to yourself?

Sometimes I get very lost in Paris. The first time I went… a passerby gave me the wrong directions which made it even worse.

6. What do you listen to when you’re travelling?

The same thing I would listen to normally; I don’t have a specific travel playlist, but I often discover new music while I’m travelling.

7. Where would you hide your pirate’s treasure?

In the Mojave Desert!

8. Are any of your tattoos related to your travels?

No, but I get tattoos while travelling, and I have travelled to get tattooed before.

9. Do you have any upcoming trips or tours?


Bonus Question: Do you use Facebook in pirate language?

Er, no