During my stay in Bangkok I had the chance to spend a couple of weeks at the wonderful Lub D hostel. Their Siam Square branch is located right next to the Bangkok Art and Culture Center, definitely my favorite museum in Bangkok. Pretty much every time I passed in front of the building I went in to see the exhibitions and especially one that I found fascinating: “the upside down world of Philippe Ramette”.

Philippe Ramette is French artist who works mainly on creating rational things and use them to create irrational scenes. He also poses as the main characters of those irrational situations. Playing with the notions of horizon and verticality, he often turns the world upside down to show a new perspective.

I found his work extremely beautiful and I spent a lot of time admiring the massive prints that were exhibited at the BACC. It was just as if I was invited to travel to a new world where the laws of gravity changed and this opened an entire new perspective to the world as we know it. Hard to describe but I’d like to know what you think of those photos.