Roy on scooter while training at Rawai Muay Thai Roy ready to go fight anywhere on the island!

In this episode Roy and Alex have part ways, one will keep on training while the other one goes island hopping.

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I'm currently in Krabi as we publish this and not training at Rawai Muay Thai anymore as planned. Why? Let's say that an unfortunate medical condition has forced me to leave the camp a bit earlier than planned. Don't worry, it's nothing serious and to be honest I was starting to get a bit bored of the training. Being sore and exhausted all the time gets old quickly even if it makes you feel kinda badass at first for training so hard. And spending hours punching/kicking bags alternated with series of push ups is not necessarily the most exciting travel experience for me. It's just a state of mind I think. I came for the experience and I think 10 days was enough. I could see myself training for months but I'd have to be in a different state of mind.

Obviously without this minor health issue I would have stayed until the end of the week to spend more time with Roy and the other awesome people of the camp. it's like in summer camps, you never want to leave because of the friends you made (and that one special girl/boy you met too). Anyways, fate has decided otherwise and I'm now back on the road which is exciting. This gives me the opportunity to visit a few island and beaches that I ahd planned to skip.

I spend a day in Koh Phi Phi which I found gorgeous but ruined by tourists (including me). It's just a too small island for the amount of people staying on it. Don't get me wrong the scenery is amazing and the water gorgeous but everything revolves around tourism with hundreds of diving schools, cheap knockoff stalls and travel agents. It's also a lot more expensive than most of the other islands of Thailand. While it was worth a visit, 24 hours were enough for my budget and my patience. I'd definitely go again for a more vacation-style trip with friends to party with though. But right now I need adventures and isolated spaces.

So I got on a ferry to Krabi where I'm currently staying at Pak Up hostel and will spend a couple of days exploring the area before making my way to Chiang Mai via Bangkok. More on that next week!


It's weird to think that I've been in Phuket for only two weeks. It feels like I've been here for months now. I even have an established routine. I go to training in the morning, then make myself a yummy, healthy smoothie. Then we go out for breakfast or try to do some work before the afternoon training session. After the afternoon session, I make another yummy smoothie, then try to get a massage, then go out for dinner with the others.

All this training is making me feel fitter and I've even adjusted my nutrition to be lower carbohydrate and higher protein. I could definitely get used to this lifestyle. I've even rented a scooter, so I'm mobile. Now, if only I wasn't so exhausted from training, I'd have to energy to ride to the beach!

Sunset on Koh Phi Phi For some reason I believed that I'd be the only one at the viewpoint watching the sunset...
Paradise beach on Koh Phi Phi For some Koh Phi Phi is paradise. I think it would be for sure if you were the only one who knew about it.
Classy nightlife in Koh Phi Phi The nightlife is classy
Trash on Koh Phi Phi Unfortunately between the tourist spots the island is pretty dirty.
Kids paintings on Koh Phi Phi school Let's explore together!
On the boat to Krabi On the boat to Krabi