Instagram Hejorama Account Our second Instagram photo. My creativity level should convince you to take over our account!

Finally Instagram is available on Android! Without much thinking I registered an official Hejorama account just to see what the fuzz is all about.

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If you have been following us for a while you know that I take care of the @hejorama twitter account and Maeva is in charge of our Facebook fan page. But we are also present on Foursquare, Pinterest, Reddit and many other long forgotten social networks. And since I feel bad delegating the mundane task of animating these social networks, I end up doing them all. Anticipating Instagram to become yet-another-account-to-be-run, I shared my anxiety on Twitter

This story could stop here and win our least interesting article award. But someone answered my cry:

What? Someone I don’t even know wants to help us and take care of the account for us…That’s when the metaphorical thunder hit me with an idea: “what if only other people than us posted photos using our Instagram account?”

After discussions on the secret Team Hejorama Facebook group, we decided that for once my idea made sense, organized everything and came up with a couple of rules.

we want you to take photos on our behalf on Instagram

So here it is: we want you to take photos on our behalf on Instagram (please!). This will be a sort of extension of our Disposable Stories project with a virtual camera called Instagram instead of our Kodaks and mixed with the @sweden Twitter handling.

Two simple rules to join this madness:

- You need to be on Instagram already, have a few followers and have published some cool photos. That’s how we’ll know you are not a weirdo that is going to hack our account and post child porn on it.

- You will use our account to take 5 photos during a 3 days. After 3 days, we’ll pass the account to the next person on the list. And we’ll do the same as soon as you are done with your 7 photos. If you are traveling somewhere exciting we might extend one of the limits if you ask nicely.

You don’t need to be traveling to join in but if you are somewhere exotic it’s always more fun. But even if you’re at home sharing your daily life that will be a virtual trip for people looking at your photos.

Interested? Get in touch via with your your Instagram details, twitter username, 120 characters about you and best dates to give you the account. We’ll add you to the list and let you know when your turn will be but feel free to indicate dates of your next trip so we can organize accordingly.

Of course we will regularly publish the best photos here and on our different social media accounts.

And to start with, please meet Emma from Scotland whose tweet sparked all this and gets the the huge privilege to take the next seven photos of the Hejorama Instagram account!

We are looking forward to seeing your photos!

Update 24/04/2012:we have updated the rules to make it more dynamic (5 photos over 3 days). Also you can see all the photos on the newly created Instagram page on Hejorama.