With social media, smart phones, digital photography and ubiquitous Internet access - even in the most remote places - never before has it been easier to log your travels and share trips with followers.

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Not only can we share as much as we like about our travels on the ‘net - often with anonymous strangers in blogging and on Twitter - but we can get tips on what to do and feedback on what we’re missing.

The great thing about the way we travel in this day and age - apart from the endless online resources and literature available - is the amount of connections we can make. Not only can we easily find the people we want to meet more easily, but they can find us too.

And it’s the personal connections in travel that we at Hejorama are interested in highlighting. But we’re interested in both the energy and experiences between travelers that happens face to face - in the traditional spirit of travel - and in the way they come to meet and stay in touch.

So, a basic idea: we’re giving disposable cameras to travelers who want to start a trip chain. The first person takes a few photos of their travels, and then passes the camera along to someone they meet along the way who is heading in a different direction and wants to continue the chain by documenting their travels and passing the camera along.

And while the connection between the travelers will hopefully be shared in blogging and social media for everyone who follows, the end result of the camera’s trip and the images captured on it will be a complete surprise to all in the end.


We’re also sending out Hejorama notebooks so the travelers can tell us about their trips, and explain the pictures we’ll find on the cameras. And when the cameras and travel notebooks start coming back to our HQ - we’ll share each trip with everyone in detail online - and have an exhibition to continue growing the project, which anyone can attend in person or interact with online.

The new age of connection! Both modern and traditional!

If you would like a camera to start a trip, write to us! Or, meet one of the Hejorama team in Paris, Riga or Toronto... and we’ll see what we can do!

Team Hejorama


UPDATE: January 6th 2011

We got the first camera back! Check the photos of camera n°4.

UPDATE: April 12th 2012

We got a second camera back! Check the photos of camera n°5.

UPDATE: April 26th 2012

We have started a Kickstarter project to fund a relaunch of the project on a bigger scale. Join in!