We were introduced to Herb Lester's maps by our British graphic designer friend Rich who has been collecting them for his recent trips. We were immediately seduced by their fantastic design and the quality of the content featured on them. Each map has twenty to thirty recommendations with concise and well written reviews.

Herb Lester Associates is a duo of talented designers/illustrators based in East London, a city they seem to know a lot about as they have produced many maps about capital city of the UK. Some are focusing only on some areas (East London) or on various theme (untamed London, clandestine London) and always have excellent recommendations to go with the beautiful illustrated map.

The great cities collection

Of course there's also a series of international cities available like Paris, New York or recently Berlin. They publish new maps every month so make sure to head to the website to see the existing ones and bookmark it for the future editions. Or you can even buy a subscription to be the first one to receive the newest map every month. We will.


New York