It's Friday, time to relax and enjoy our selection of interesting articles you might have missed this week.

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January is over but this winter never seems to end. Don't worry Punxsutawney Phil as announced an early spring on Wednesday. So hopefully this will over soon and we will be able to go back to a normal and decent life. Meanwhile, stay inside where it's warm and you have Internet. We have prepared a nice selection of articles for you.

This week, we will help understand a complex situation for those of you who are still not fully aware of what's happening in Egypt. You will also so see how Twitter and blogs can help you perfectly plan your trips and discover new things relying on the local people. Finally, we'll have a good laugh thanks to the guys who decided to cast a Brit to be the next Superman, the real American superhero.



Stuff You Should Know: The Crisis in Egypt

by Kristi, The Smoking Jacket

Yes, I do read the articles from Playboy and that's why I'm now also a regumar reader of their safe for work version The Smoling Jacket. And although I don't find the article as good as it use to be in the magazine, there are still some interesting stuff once in a while. For instance, the article I selected is a very good summary of the complex current situation in Egypt. You while quickly understand why the EU and the USA have been supporting the current president and how the upraising has started. It's not the smarted analysis but for those who have no previous knowledge, it's a good start. I also highly recommend that you read the questions we asked to our friend in Egypt in this article.

TwiTrip to London – the verdict

by Benji Lanyado,

I discovered Benji Lanyado when I ousted him from the New Evaristo Club in London on Foursquare. I've been following ever since because I read some interesting articles he wrote on the Guardian website. In 2009, he has started a concept that I found awesome: the Twitrip. Basically he goes somewhere and only relies on the recommendation from his Twitter Followers. The first one was in Paris where he first tweeted: 'I'm at the Gare du Nord. What should I do?'. You can find the full list of his Twitrips here. Each of them is great adventure with fun pictures, interesting places, hidden pubs and unexpected encounters. Love it!

How Much Did It Cost – Berlin Budget

by Chris, The Aussie Nomad

We've been following Chris from the blog The Aussie Nomad ever since he left his Australia to tour Europe and eventually landing a job in London. We are very sorry to have missed him when he was in Paris (due to poor planning from our side) because he looks like a really interesting and cool guy.

He has recently launched on his blog a very useful series of posts where he details how much he spent in the various cities during his Europe tour. The latest one covers Berlin and I like that Chris provides a cost analysis in addition to the numbers; very helpful to figure out how to plan for yourself. Previous posts includes Paris, Amsterdam and Brussels. As you will see Berlin is definitely the cheapest...

A British Superman?!

by Dean Obeidallah, The Huffington Post

In this article Dean Obeidallah reacts to the news that an English man has been cast to play the next Superman. It's definitely the funniest article I have read this week. There's an hilarious paragraph in which the author wonders if the movie will reflect some British clichés, i.e. 'Instead, of the famed big "S" on Superman's chest, will his shirt now read: "Mind the Gap"?'. The article finishes with a list of suggestions for some UK famous parts played by American people. Go read the article for a good laugh!



That's it for this week! See you next Friday for more news from the interwebs.