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I always notice the signs at the Glasgow airport reminding travellers that Scotland is marketed as the “Best Small Country in the World.” To me, that’s more than true. Millions flock to Scotland every year trying to find romance in rain, cobblestones, whisky and the stunning landscapes of lochs and rolling hills.

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For most, the number one stop is Edinburgh, and for good reason. The city is nothing short of stunning, carved into a volcano in view of the sea, with a castle overlooking rambling medieval streets. But for me the city lacks the real charm in underlying character and vibrant culture, something that thrives in its neighbour across the country, Glasgow.

For a city lover like myself, Glasgow is the real jewel in Scotland’s crown. I’ve been lucky enough to live and work there in the past, and am working hard to get back. Through Couch Surfing, I had dozens of people sleep on my couch one summer in Glasgow. While most were en route to Edinburgh or Loch Ness, I can’t remember one who had an idea of what there was to see in Glasgow.

With a grassroots music scene often dubbed “Manchester North,’ high street shopping often noted as the best in the U.K. outside London, and a decadent food and drink scene side by side with its famous pubs, Glasgow has something for everyone. My visitors were endlessly entertained, while there was always a festival or event to enjoy with friends.

When I wasn’t jogging through Glasgow’s sprawling green parks or getting lost in one of the dozens of free museums, I was wandering around with my camera trying to capture the many sides of Glasgow. Here are some of my favourites.

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