We are very happy to present the third installment of our travel notebooks series with the work of Cheism.

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  • Illustration Cheism
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  • Pete Philly and Perquisite

This new article features the gorgeous drawings by Chetan Kumar aka Cheism during his trip in South-East Asia and Hong-Kong last year.

Cheism got in touch with us a month ago when he claimed the travel notebooks that we promised to the 300th who'd like us on our Facebook page. Honestly, we couldn't dream of a better person to send them to once we saw his website as we loved his work. We look forward to see what he will fill them with!

Here's what he wanted to say about his sketchbooks:

Taking a sketchbook with me on my travels is just as an important as taking a camera. It allows me to make observation drawings of the all different places and things I notice, as well as draw ideas that have been inspired by my surroundings and experiences. These are some drawings I completed whilst I was traveling around Asia, a mixture of observational and imagination.


Thailand doodle
Thai boats
Stir Fry City
Noodle Sea
Melacca Rooftop and Tuk-Tuks
KL towers and people watching
Hands down and Hijab head
Elephant temple and beard waterfall
Cambodia rooftop
Angkor Wat head