Some people travel to see monuments, take a picture and that's it. But, they are millions to do the same thing, and they finally only have a cold photo souvenirs, impersonal. They can say "I was there", and then?

After conducting an online keyword search and sifting through photo sharing sites, Swiss artist Corinne Vionnet has carefully superimposed 200 to 300 tourist photos, to get these pieces, similar to watercolors. With her series "Photo Opportunities", she brings back these pictures. The millions of superimposed images show the time that haunts those places, tourists who have admired them and have said "I was there". The trivial and thoughtless act of each revealing something greater, more majestic.



Corinne Vionnet is an artist based in Switzerland. At the core of her artistic practice are topographical themes such as the social interaction between nature and humankind.

World Trade Center, New York

Stonehenge, England

Saint Basil's Cathedral, Moscow

Coliseum in Rome, Italy

Pyramids of Giza, Egypt

Kinderdijk, Holland

Eiffel Tower in Paris, France

Himeji Castle, Japan