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17 January of 2013 by

I flew via Silkair from Singapore to Manado, Indonesia and back again. Lunch was served both ways.

On the leg up, the choice was the standard chicken or fish, of which I picked the former.


The chicken was decent, and I liked that it came with mushrooms and some shrimp. The mashed potato was a tad dry though. The Jacob’s crackers didn’t come with any butter or cheese so I didn’t eat them in the end. I spilled some of the water on myself because I clutched the plastic cup a little too hard when pulling the top cover open.

On the way back from Manado to Singapore, the choice was between pasta+chicken and fish+rice – I chose the pasta+chicken…


I honestly thought that they had given me the fish+rice by mistake, but no, those are the smallest pasta pieces I’ve ever seen, and it did feel like I was eating rice! Pasta doesn’t taste right when it’s cut up so small‚Ķ The chicken, which also did look like fish, was decent if a little chewy.

The meal was topped off with fruits – watermelon and a really sweet pineapple which would have been awesome if it had been chilled!

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