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These pictures are from my flights between Paris and New-York (with a layover in Philly). I flew with US Airways which in overall is a very decent company and provides great prices. Although my flights were enjoyable, my flight from Philly to NY was canceled and I had to choose to take a bus to my own expense if I didn't want to be stuck in Philadelphia.

But let me tell you about the food:


I went for water as I don't usually drink alcohol during flights. The water was cold and the pretzels salty. Behind, my secret notes to conquer the world. If you can decipher my terrible handwriting you deserve to conquer the world with me.

Apero US Airways

'Unidentified chicken'

I think that might have been one of the best meals I've ever had on a plane. Simple but fresh and well prepared. I was surprised and enjoyed everything on the tray.

Meal 2 US Airways

'Breakfast sandwich'

A delicious ham and melted cheese sandwich. I mean, really delicious. Again, a very good surprise.


'Chicken and rice'

On the way back, I missed the apero because I was sleeping. I woke up to this meal being served. After the pleasant surprise of the flight in this was simply the worst meal I was ever served in a plane.

Meal US Airways

'Breakfast pastry'

Just a terrible pastry filled with bad jam. I still wonder how the flight in was so great and the flight back that terrible...

Breakfast 2