• Briefing/photos Adrien
  • Top image John M. Dibbs

Here's a new review for the in-flight meals served on our flight to Los Angeles on Air France.

First of all, I must say I was not an Air France fan, because of mixed reviews from friends & family. I was pretty sure that service and food quality would not be better than other companies. I was wrong.


Just the menu...

menu air france meals


Big surprise when the flight attendant began the appetizer service, I heard a familiar sound, champagne cork “popping out”! Yes, in eco class we had champagne (Charles Laffite!) so classy. We also had some salted crackers, kinda good, but nothing to add.


A More classic meal, with taboulet / cucumber, and a quiche. Nothing special... Dessert was a Lime tart which was quite good. This meal will not be added to the in flight meal top 10.

lunch air france flight

'The best plane dinner ever'

We started with a nice vegetables salad, fresh and yummy! Followed by a gorgeous green curry (chicken of course) with rice. Then very tasty French cheese-camembert, I must say it’s a classic for us Frenchies. Even the tart was great! So creamy. A glass of wine (what else?) from France! Honestly, the best meal I had in a plane for sure.

dinner air france flight

Note: During the flight, there was free Häagen-Dazs ice cream & sandwiches at disposal. Very nice for a long trip (12 hours to Los Angeles)