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  • Story updated on 10/03/2011

Todd Bieber was skiing in Prospect Park, Brooklyn, NY when he found a mysterious roll of film in the snow. He decided to develop the negative, and discovered the wonderful shots of an anonymous photographer, who captured New York in the wake of the recent blizzard.

He noticed that the people on the photographies didn't look like New Yorkers, maybe Europeans from France, Russia, Holland or Belgium. So Bieber wondered who really was the owner of this roll of film? Maybe these photos were important souvenirs to him! Souvenirs of his trip, of his odd experience in the blizzard of New York...

As a filmmaker, Todd Bieber decided to make a video (above) and get a chance to find them.


"If you can help me find the owner of the film, email me", he says on the video description. So here's the contact address if you have some info: brooklynfoundfilm@gmail.com.

Beautiful video, beautiful pictures, beautiful story... I hope this small roll of film will find its way back! To Belgium, France, Russia or Holland.


Todd writes, directs, edits, shoots, and produces videos - mostly comedy and documentary, or some combination of the two. His work has been featured in a bunch of film festivals including Sundance, SXSW, Tribeca, and AFI and some of his viral videos have been featured on the New York Times website, TimeOut NY, Gawker, and E! Online.

10/03/2011: Important update!

He found them! And guess where? In Paris, our hometown. What a crazy story! Discover everything that happened after our first post in this video: