As part of our Gang Of Travelers survey, discover the Parisian travelers of the 7512connexion.

  • Story Team Hejorama
  • Illustration 7512connexion
  • Soundtrack of the report
  • Get Mad Now
  • Elephant Man (DJ Xela)

Today discover our first gang of travelers, the Parisians travelers of 7512connexion. One of his oldest members is Adrien (aka Revok) who is also the co-founders of Hejorama.com with Ben and Alex. He has been travelling all of over the world with his childhood friends, most of which are historically based in the 12th district of Paris.

As you can see, they are providing our Monday Map—created by Meta—that describes how the members of the 7512 met and what are their relationship. Kinda looks like a subway map.

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Identity of the gang

Name of the gang? 7512Connexion

Members? Revok, Shiso, Meta, Deb, Croma, Bobiso, Henki, Loule, Gallou, Chront, Pik Pik, Hopkins, Fayss, Exodus, marinette, mimi, So

Established since? 2000

Hometown/base? Paris, 75012

Age of younger and older gang members? 23 to 34

Song(s) of the gang? Elephant Man - Get Mad Now (DJ Xela)

Destinations (and number of trips)? Ski, Spain, France, Germany...

Main travel activities? Mainly holidays partying, sports trips, week ends to relax

Additional details? At the beginning it's was small group composed of old primary school friends. The rest of the team joined in high school.



Best thing about travelling with the gang? Worst thing?

Best : The group! Just being together, sharing our universe to each other's.
Worst : The group!! When comes the time where you cannot stand anybody ;) There is always the lazy dude, the crazy dude, the loud speaking dude, the sleepy dude... But at the end, that's why we love each other... :)

How do you prepare your trips? Who's in charge of that?

Mostly Revok for ski trip. Others (not one in particular) for other destinations

What would be the ideal trip of the gang?

Everybody gathered at the same time, it became really difficult to go on trip all together as our planning are really full.

Best travel memories?

- Our first ski trip in 2002, first time going on holidays together
- Summer 2004 : Spain, 2 crazy weeks near Barcelona! Party, alcohol, sex, beach, sun !!!

Next trips of the gang?

Week end in the country side, big parties expected for the next 30 years old members. maybe long week end trip... to be continued!