As you all know, we love fantasy books. Especially the ones with an initiatory journey like the Lord of the Ring or taking place in very developed fictional universes like the Discworld from the eponymous book series by the hilarious Terry Pratchett. After publishing the maps from Game of Thrones we figured that it would be fair to have a round up of our favourite maps from fantasy books.

This selection covers a wide spectrum of fantasy books (from the Wizard of Oz to Conan the Barbarian) but we have left Tolkien and his Middle-Earth for a future separate article as there’s a ton of material and it’s worth taking a bit more time only for him.

Terry Pratchett Discworld MapThe Discworld from Terry Pratchett’s books

map Land of OZThe Land of Oz from the Wizard of Oz written by L. Frank Baum

map Land of OZ 2The Land of Oz as seen by Gregory Maguire

Map Game of Thrones - WesterosGame of Thrones colored map. (See more maps from the original books)

map Earthsea - Ursula Le GuinThe Earthsea created by Ursula K. Le Guin

map Conan HyboriaThe World of Conan the Barbarian, Hyboria, created by Robert E. Howard

map Robin HobbRobin Hobb’s world, the Six Duchies and Cursed Shores by Crooty

Chathrand Voyage MapMap of the fictional world of Alifros from the Chathrand Novels written by Robert V.S. Redic

map NarniaThe world of Narnia from C.S. Lewis’ books