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And for the grand finale of our week dedicated to group travel, we have decided to answer our own interview!

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We figured it would be fun to finish this survey with the gang behind Hejorama. Enjoy!

This article is part of the Gangs of Travelers survey. Read all the other articles here!

Identity of the gang

Name of the gang? Team Hejorama

Members, nickname, specialty?

  • Alex aka Kovax, The man with the plan
  • Ben aka Magnus, Drunken evasion specialist
  • Romain aka Romano aka Sailor Roman aka Omar Radkinson, Protocol droid
  • Cedric aka Tony, ATF/DEA
  • Bill aka The George Clooney of the Balkans, Ugly girls
  • Maéva aka La petite, Madame Claude
  • Daniel aka Dan, The Sommelier
  • Ruben aka Rubsy, Vintage shopping and flea markets

Established since? Unknown

Hometown/base? Paris

Age of younger and older gang members? 23 to 29

Quote for the gang? "Man le monde il est international",Bill, Praha 2005

Song(s) of the gang? Wonderlust Kings and we explained why in the article We are all Wonderlust Kings.

Destinations (and number of trips)? London, Prague, Glasgow, US, Tokyo, Jersey, Cairo, Barcelona, Saint Tropez, Stockholm and many more...

Main travel activities?

  • Eat, drink, fuck, puke, be hangover
  • Meet the locals
  • Walk... a lot!
  • Talk
  • Apply our Manifesto


Best thing about travelling with the gang? Worst thing?

The best thing-

  • Good team for bar fights
  • More rounds to drink at the bar
  • Divide price of suites in hotels when we can't find hostel rooms

The worst thing-

  • More rounds to pay at the bar
  • Find a restaurant when everyone is craving for different food

How do you prepare your trips? Who's in charge of that?

Alex prepares and everyone follows. Ok, not really! We just all gather info of things we want to do and share the basics like plane tickers, dates and accommodation on a FB group. Everyone prepares his own trip and then we see together what we do once there.

What would be the ideal trip of the gang?

You can drop us anywhere—just like Bear Grylls—and we'll have fun no matter what.


Best travel memories?

  • Booking a suite at the Radisson in Stockholm and sneaking 8 people in.
  • Alex and Romain getting their first tattoo together in Krakow.
  • Meeting the locals in Brooklyn for some crazy nights
  • The Széchenyi bath in Budapest
  • The fresh fruits in the morning after the clubs at the market in Barcelona.
  • More than we can't talk about here...

Next trips of the gang?

Many projects: New York in May, Dour Festival in July, hopefully Burning Man, Berlin, Thailand and wherever the Live will take us.