Embassy crew

As part of our Gang Of Travelers survey, discover the young French diplomats of the Embassy Crew!

  • Story Team Hejorama
  • Illustration Sophie
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  • P.D.A. (We Just Don't Care)
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The four members of the Embassy Crew met while working at the French Embassy in London. They quickly became an united gang sharing a same passion for traveling and partying. They explored all parts of London during the week and took advantage of the weekends to explore England together and even take some trip to Norway and Spain.

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Identity of the gang

Name of the gang? Embassy Crew

Members? Sophie aka "Electro Girl", Damien aka "DamDam", Fred aka "The Iron Liver" and Alex aka "Bad Boy". Plus Fiona as an honorary member.

Established since? September 2009

Hometown/base? Originally London and now spread all around the world (Vienna, Quebec, Paris, Rouen)

Age of younger and older gang members? 24 to 28

Quote for the gang? "Sky Is The Limit"

Song(s) of the gang? Gui Boratto, Modseletkor and all kind of eletronic music artists thanks to Sophie musical diligence.

Destinations (and number of trips)? London, Barcelona, Bristol, Oslo, Paris, Oxford...

Main travel activities? Wander around, drink, take photos and meet new friends!



Best thing about travelling with the gang? Worst thing?

The best thing for Damien: I like the atmosphere, the correlation between the group, I liked all parties we did, bars, nightclubs, I liked visit and walking in the streets without knowing where we go...
Sophie: Traveling with friends is the best thing ever.
Alex: We all liked the same kind of places and everything was always easy when we were together.
The worst thing- Nothing really. We really had great time during 6 months. And the fact that we knew there would be an end (we were all in London for a limited time) made everything much more powerful.

How do you prepare your trips? Who's in charge of that?

"Most of the time it wasn't me who organized... It was either Sophie or Alexis, and I just followed. We just printed tickets, book a youth hotel and took our bags. That's it, no more organization needed" Damien explains. Sophie was definitely the primary organizer for everything.

What would be the ideal trip of the gang?

Sophie: "A big trip all over the world !"
Damien: "The ideal trip would be a one-week trip (or more) anywhere in the world, near a big city, where we will visit the day and would go party during the night. We would go somewhere where a music festival will be close, for example, Thailand and The full moon party ... ;) Another idea, the ideal trip would be a long trip, where we would go every day between countries and cities, like visiting Eastern Europe with Prague, Vienna, Budapest... and finish in Ukraine with the sea."
Alex: "I'm definitely up for the full moon party! Next winter guys? Or Ukraine in the summer."

Best travel memories?

Sophie: "Taking my friends to Razzmatazz Clubs, my favorite club in the world ! "
Damien: "The best travel is when we were in Barca!!! It was awesome... Embassy crew, the Embassy crew sweat shirt, El gato negro with his Chupitos, tapas, the sun, The razzmattaz!!!! It was a very good moment..."
Alex: "I have great memories from all our trips but for me the best was simply to be in New Evaristo Club in London and sip beers listening to Derek Meins music and have fun with the gang.

Next trips of the gang?

Who knows? Maybe the United States, Thailand or Eastern Europe. It's less easy now to plan that we all live in different parts of the world. But it's also more reasons to travel and go visit each other.