Cute couple on the boat to Koh Samet reading the Lonely Planet

Fourth week of our SE Asia adventure and now Roy is also in the area!

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I've spend in total about 3 weeks in Bangkok and I like the city a lot. I like big cities in general but Bangkok has a something special. It's a crossroad of cultures and influences that you might hate or love. It's vibrant and buzzing all day long, especially at night as it's so warm during the day. I found here the same feeling that I loved in Cairo, being able to wander at night at the baazar and then randomly eat anywhere at 3am, maybe catch a late movie. That said, after Berlin I have to say that the nightlife of Bangkok can't compete.

I had the chance to meet several people to show me some good places but without them it would have been a total let down. Nalin from Lub D took me out and show me really cool places like the Skytrain Jazz bar and Saxophone where I want again with some other friends. I also stayed with a really cool Couchsurfer (thanks Romy!) and I had the chance the go to a house party which is always the best way to meet people and discover a city. We also ended up at Wong's Place, the legendary dive bar that I absolutely loved. Unfortunately my host doesn't have my Berlin training and we had to go home at 6am. As usual I was ready to close the bar.

I'll pass on Khao San Road where I spent two nights for the experience. I didn't like it at all even if I had a fairly fun (read inebriated) night with English and Canadian backpacking kids. Khao San Road is not Bangkok and if you only stay there, you are not doing yourself a favor. Maybe I'll write something longer on the subject but honestly there's not much to say.

I spent the rest of the time, working (between Lub D lobby, the Third Place and Codspeak's HQ) and exploring the city (wandering around as usual, went to Wat Pho, the BACC and Chinatown too).

Oh wait, I forgot to tell you about Koh Samet. Well, read my travel story and check the photos below. It's the perfect getaway from Bangkok for a weekend!


I've been in Malaysia for close to a week, and I'm sorry to report that I have nothing interesting to report! I left my ship in Florida and flew from Miami to Kuala Lumpur, via Paris! The journey took across 13 time zones and I stood on 3 continents within 24 hours. Sounds impressive but it was gruelling.

Since arriving at my sister's house on Sunday, I've been in work mode. The reality of travel blogging is you still spend a big part of the day working and I have a lot of catching up to do after having very limited time and internet on my ship. However, I'm excited to meet Alex on Sunday and have recruited a friend of mine, Ryan to join us. I'm quite surprised at how many Couchsurfers I know from the Northern Hemisphere, who seem to be spending winter in South-East Asia. Looking forward to catching up with some familiar faces.

I'm sure my life would be a lot less complicated if I was that guy.
Sunset on Ao Nuan, Koh Samet
Sunrise from my hutt in Ao Nuan, Koh Samet
Delicious Burmese food with Dwight, Mark and Jess
Mark and Dwight after the feast. More about this in a coming article!
Don't go to the reclining Buddha just to make a picture, a lot of people had the same idea.
How did this happen?
I want to go to Japan just to meet those guys again as they were so awesome!
I did something apparently... The hosts at Lub D are awesome! (on the picture Keith and Ngae)
Party people. I don't remember taking this picture.
Sawatdee krap Ronald!
MacDonald's meals in Thailand Cheese fries and Namtok Chicken Rice, try to find that in any other MacDonald's!