American Airlines Plane by Caribb
  • Briefing/photos Matthieu
  • Top image Caribb

These are both from Air Canada flights to/from Vancouver and Hong Kong.


A bag of 'Tex Mex Nachos', kind of Chili crackers, tasting like the ones offered by your grand-mother when you visit her on Sundays (the ones she's been keeping in an old box of 'Quality Street' for years). All of this was served with a drink of your choice ( no Dr Pepper, a shame for an Amercican company).


We could choose between vegetarian pastas or chicken cooked with rice and carrots (you can of course tell the company if you're on a particular diet when booking your flight).

'Meal tray'

Macaroni cheese : it was not that good and very stodgy. Actually, it was swimming in a second-class béchamel sauce reminding me of the one from the school canteen I used to eat at as a child. The rare vegetables all tasted the same, a bit like an 'ED' ready meal.


'Meal tray'

Chicken : Surprisingly tasty. Approved. By far the best option in the flight.


Each meal was served with :
- a bottle of water
- a raw salad, looking dry, but once the 'Thousand Island' sauce by Heinz added, it is edible. A bit of healthy vegetables is recommended before a junk-food orgy.
- A cold and hard as concrete bread roll and a mini 'Président' butter portion, Cocoricoooooo
- A very creamy 'laughing cow' portion (a bit like a fondue)
- Two crackers
- Coconuts and orange biscuits (that you preciously keep in case of feeling a bit peckish later but that end in bits in your bag...)

Bonus! We've been offered two small bottles of red wine (usually 7$ each) because of a defective plug for the earphones.

'Tea Time'

Hot drink.


To conclude, it was not that great, but when you're really hungry, you eat it up. Anyway, you don't really expect a fantastic meal when in a sardine box, 33000 feet high, don't you?

Matthieu & Sophie