Christian Andersen is a Danish graphic designer. Or he’s a filmmaker? Or perhaps we should simply call him an artist. To be fair we are not very sure and couldn’t find much information on the Internet. But one thing is for sure, he has a great talent to capture the aesthetics of a city. The video above is his first creation that he called “The Street Aesthetic of New York.” And because of the film’s big success, he was encouraged to make a second one in Berlin that you can see below.

These videos led us to his website and we immediately loved his philosophy: “You only live once. Keep your dreams alive and never stop doing what you love,” says Andersen on the story page.

And by browsing his journal we discovered what is to be the subject of his next video. And it couldn’t make us more happy, it’s our hometown: Paris! Too bad we didn’t get the chance to meet this talented kid while he was strolling around shooting “The Street Aesthetic of Paris.”