A380 Emirates
  • Briefing/photos Nico
  • Top image Yakuza77

This flight from Munich to Dubai was a gift from my familly for my 30th birthday: I've always wanted to flight on the A380, the biggest commercial plane ever!! So this flight was part of a 10 days trip to South East Asia: Kuala Lumpur - Singapour - Bintan (Indonesia). Highly recommended destinations!

I was not disappointed by the A380 itself: massive, impressive, very silent, and a bright interior. Huge improvement compared to the 777 I had on the other legs of the trip...


This meal was also a real surprise: very good! The hot smoked salmon was awsome: tender, tasty, just like the one you can find in Scandinavia. The coleslaw was not as impressive, but still good. The main dish, parmesan chicken with polenta and vegetable, was almost perfect! Tasty chicken, perfectly cooked, with a tasty pesto rosso sauce, and good vegetables. Only the polenta was missing a bit of cooking time. The dessert was also great: a cheesecake, always appetizing, with blackcurrant, a good combination. The plate also include a "snackbox", with crackers, French cheese (Kiri!!) and sweet chili sauce.


"Parmesan Chicken"

The main meal



A red Bordeaux, what else! I was also astonished to find such a wine on the flight. In economy class, you usually get some Australian or South African wines, or some very bad mix of cheap wines from the South of France. No, here it was a "real" tasty Bordeaux, very enjoyable! A votre santé !


Conclusion: I really enjoyed my experience on the A380, and the meal served was part of this positive impression!