We are excited to launch our first giveaway! Send us pictures and receive our awesome travel notebooks in exchange!
  • Story Alex
  • Illustration Ben
  • Soundtrack of the report
  • L'Hôtesse de l'Air
  • Jacques Dutronc
The photo contest is now over. You can check the submissions on this page. If you have more pictures of your meals, send them over and we'll publish them later! We have decided to share with you our wonderful Hejorama travel notebooks. If you want to receive one it's really easy, just send us pictures of the meals that you were served during your flights with a few lines to comment each picture. Exactly like we do for our In-Flight Meals series of articles. In exchange we will send you as many notebooks as pictures you sent (one picture=one notebook, two pictures=two notebooks, etc...). We will publish all the submitted pictures and make a selection of our 3 favorite ones. We will also publish regularly the cool pics we receive on our Facebook page. Send all the pictures to food@hejorama.com! Rules
  • - There are no rules! Just send your pictures and we'll send the notebooks. So don't forget to write your address so we know where to send them!
  • - Closing date of the contest: April 30th.
hejbook PS: special rule! If you don't have any pictures and won't fly in a while but want some notebooks, just send us a nice postcard from where you live to Cosmo Sapiens, 11bis rue du Moulin Joly, 75011, Paris, France We are looking forward to see your submissions! Team Hejorama