Royal Jordanian

For our trip in Thailand, we decided to get the cheapest company at the time… So we book our tickets with Royal Jordanian. That’s why you have the chance to see this report!

Just so you know, I’m not a difficult person when it comes to food… so I’m certainly not the most critical voice with RJ meals ;)

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'First aperitif!'

Nice peanut (honestly one of the best I ever had) and a coke. I would say it’s the minimum they could do but I really enjoyed those peanuts… really!

photo apero

'First lunch'

First, a small salad, yes just the salad. I was a little disappointed but the main course was OK, nice mashed potatoes and vegetables served with curry chicken… (sorry for the blister on the pic). Don’t forget to add some salt & pepper. The desert was nice! Chocolate/pear cake.

photo meal 1


Very simple, the croissant was ok, but nothing compared to a good French bakery! The orange juice was chemical but sufficient after a long unpleasant night in a plane. A piece of bread with jam & small fruits to finish.

'Lunch on the way back'

Small salad, well… it’s a salad (with tomatoes this time), thank god for the added a sauce! For the main course, I took beef, with rice and vegetables. It was really tasty. Don’t forget to add salt and pepper… Cool brownie to finish. This meal was quite nice!

'Breakfast on the way back'

In the morning on our way back, we had our little “brunch” hot meal with omelet mushrooms, potatoes, spinach. I’m must say that quite enjoyed this meal. Jam&bread, croissant, and orange juice like we already had.