Aung San Suu Kyi posters Aung San Suu Kyi posters in Mae Sot

April is the end of the trip for Roy and Alex who are going back to the "real life", on a ship and in Paris respectively. In the meantime, Ben and Maeva are flying to Thailand for a romantic adventure Hejorama style.

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I'm now back in Paris working on a number of very exciting projects to be launched soon on Hejorama. While I'm happy to not be jumping between train and hostels anymore, I already miss the excitement of being on the road.

My last two weeks n Thailand were very exciting and included amazing experiences. First I went to Chiang Mai to spend some time there and meet some cool people. I met Ryan and Lea, friends from New York, and they asked me to join them on a trip to the Burmese border instead of doing the touristy treks. That's how the next day I ended up on a bus to Mae Sot to document a local initiative of the Inside Out project. I have prepared a longer article on that amazing experience, so come back in a couple of weeks for the story of this eye-opening adventure.

The rest of my stay in Chiang Mai was more quiet as I mostly worked there, walked around a lot and ate a lot of street food. I also had a chance to meet with Jodi (from Legal nomads) a few times during my stay and enjoyed our conversations a lot. Definitely a fascinating traveler with many interesting stories to share.

My last adventure in Thailand was with another awesome travel blogger, Pam, who writes Spunky Girl Monologues. I took the chance to go with her to visit refugee families that our friend Dwight's organization takes care of. Again, this was an eye-opening experience and I will write more about it very soon. It gave me a lot of motivation to get more involved in this kind of projects with Hejorama.

Short documentary about In Search Of Sanuk


My last two weeks in Phuket were interesting. With Ryan and Alex gone, I focused all my energy on training. Such intense training without giving my body a chance to recover, almost broke me. A cut on my left leg ended up getting infected and swelled up quickly, resulting in me having to go on a course of antibiotics.

My final week was actually quite eventful. My infection was gone and I was feeling stronger and more energetic than ever. I added 4 km morning runs to my already intense schedule. I also had some new roommates and neighbors, who were lots of fun. I even managed to go for an elephant trek (which turned out to be a scam) and got my teeth whitened.

But all good things need to come to an end. I had to return back to work on the ship in the Caribbean, which unfortunately meant 6 flights. (As my work pays for most of the flights, they find the cheapest and most inconvenient route possible.) In the last 6 weeks, I've taken 8 flights and been to 9 different airports on 3 different continents, and literally circled the globe!

Ben & Maeva

The cute Hejorama couple has left for Thailand earlier this week and they will travel there for 3 weeks. On the list: exploration of Bangkok, songkran in Chiang Mai and some well deserved rest on the beaches of the South. They are traveling with no electronics and only 4 disposable cameras for a pure romantic Hejorama style. No guidebooks, no plans and no news to the rest of the world. They will report when they get back. We like that!

SEA Adventure The "Inside Out" project gang in a school for Burmese migrant kids
SEA Adventure Pasting posters on school walls all over Mae Sot
SEA Adventure
SEA Adventure
SEA Adventure Pam and I invited to some delicious Sri Lankan food. Those people were so welcoming...
We all spend a lot of time taking a lot of photos!
Pam and the family
Saying good bye to SEA in Singapore