It's Friday, time to relax and enjoy our selection of interesting articles you might have missed this week.

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It's a new year and we are starting new regular columns on Hejorama. You will now have on every Friday a selection of the articles from the web that we enjoyed the most during the week. Since we read a lot for our own culture, we figured we could share the things we enjoyed instead of keeping them for us. And we will explain for each article why we selected them to be featured here.

We hope you will enjoy this weekly selection and share your ideas/opinions on those articles in the comment section. Also feel free to send us anything you have wrote or liked so we can give it a look and possibly include it here.

Let's get started with this first selection featuring innovative Swedish architecture, a time capsule project, beautiful pictures from central America and interesting thoughts on the travel race.


Swedish architecture firm proposes buildings on rails

Duncan Geere, Wired

We knew Sweden was awesome for a while and we are big fans of their incredible sense of design. Latest idea from the country of Ikea and Ericsson, make buildings on rails. You know so you can adapt your "city" to the seasons, the weather and how near you want your sauna from your cabin. When that's ready, we'll make sure to go have a look for ourselves and find a nice cabin for our summer retreats.

The Cloud People

Honduran Family Shots and Tamalitos

by Jamie and Jess, Cloud People Adventures

We simply loved those family shots. That's exactly the kind of pictures we like to see on blogs. Unfortunately most of the travel bloggers focus on shooting landscapes and monuments for some reason. I mean this is cool but Flickr is already filled of those, while pictures of the people you've met during your trips are way more valuable to us. Also the narrative in this post is really good. Since we discovered The Cloud People only recently we are looking forward to read their adventures to come in 2011.

Art Of Backpacking

Not seeing it all is okay for me

by Michael Tieso, Art Of Backpacking

We like to read anything that's related to travel but to be honest we are a bit tired with the massive influx of "top 10 things to do" in this or this city and all those kinds of blog posts. We do realize that's it's what a lot of people look for on the Internet but we like better articles that go beyond the pure touristy aspect of travelling and provide an interesting point of view or analysis. That's exactly the case in this very good post and we really share the spirit. Travelling the world is not the race and no one really cares if you write that you have visited 40+ countries in your twitter description just for the sake of it.


Google Officially Posts Android 3.0 Sneak Peak

MG Siegler, Techcrunch

We all know that tablets are quite cool to travel with. Some prefer netbooks or real laptops but since the iPad went out there's been a lot of expectations for this kind of device. We were looking forward to the counter-attack from Google for a while because we think Android is a very decent concurrent to Iphone/Ipad OS. Yesterday, they finally unveiled Android 3.0 (Honeycomb) for tablets and let me tell you that it looks seriously awesome on the UI part. Check the video in the Techcrunch article, you won't regret!

Inspiring Travellers

Danielle Lauren on the 11Eleven Project

by Andrea, Inspiring Travellers

I have to admit I was attracted to this article mostly because of the number 11 in the title. It's quite personal but 11 is an important number to me since I was born and raised in 11th district of Paris in November which eventually led me to get a XI (Roman eleven) tattooed on the back of my arm. Thanks to that I was able to discover a really interesting project developed by Danielle Lauren who's interviewed in the article. I love the idea of the creation of a time capsule on specific day but all around the world. We will definitely try to get involved ! This is also a good idea considering a lot of people believe the world is gonna end about a year later on 12/12/12...


New Language Mission: Speak Tagalog (Filipino) in 2 months

by Benny Lewis, Fluent In 3 Months

We recently had the chance to interview Benny and we finished our questions by asking him where he was heading next. That was still a surprise at that time but now we know: he's off to the Filipinos to learn Tagalog. We are very interested with this choice because it's a country we know almost nothing of while in spite of having grew up with a few friends from there.



That's it for this week! See you next Friday for more news from the interwebs.