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What's the point of a Christmas wishlist this year? The world is going to end in exactly one year (21/12/2012) according to wise Mayan scholars and Woody Harrelson. And if that doesn't happen for some odd reasons, the financial system will collapse atomized by the greed of bankers, traders and big corporations.

My dreams of a dystopian cyberpunk future might come true but I'm still willing to spare the world this dark fantasy. Instead, it might be time to become a bit wiser and start consuming less energy, goods, oil and other natural resources. But we still want to make gifts to the people around us. So here are some ideas of free/cheap gifts to make to your loved ones:

    Ideas for the entire family:
  • - Air Guitar Hero to your little brother (or Air DJ Hero if he's more into electronic music)
  • - A relaxing trip to Prague for your parents including two nights of Couchsurfing and first class carsharing.
  • - For your little sister, get the box of the expensive TV that your neighbor bought. She will make a fantastic castle out of it or a plane to go on imaginary adventures around the world.
  • - Give away hugs, they are free and will make our friend Roy happy!
  • - Enter our Hejorama x Loopcam contest and win the t-shirt to offer as a late Christmas gift.
  • - And no need to buy them expensive travel books, just give them the link to Hejorama.com.

The most important is to have a great party with your family and friends! Save your money to travel the world, be happy, learn, eat and share what you have with the people around you—those in need and those you love.

Merry Christmas!