Every day, dozens of new videos are uploaded on the Interwebs (usually cool stuff on Vimeo and cute kittens on Youtube). But there's only a few that catch our attention like the creation of Tom Jenkins did. Why? It simply has so many elements that illustrate the Hejorama spirit.

First, it's a very creative take on the "traveling without moving" theme that we cherish. It's an important part of our philosophy (see our Manifesto) and an endless source of inspiration. We travel a lot partly because we are armchair travelers spending (too many?) hours on Google Streetview in remote places. Our minds are constantly traveling the world.

We also loved the Star Wars references, one of our favorite movies ever. You have R2R2 monitoring from the back and the car strongly reminds us of the Landspeeder from episode IV by its shape and the way it seem to be gliding on the road.

But mostly, it makes us dream of crazy adventures happening in our own office at night when we are away. You might have noticed in this video, the background full of toys (and there's a lot more all over the place). If they travel at night, that must be an epic adventure every time!