A month and a half ago we quietly officially launched our mapping project, HejoMap. It is still much more of a proof of concept that a revolutionary tool but with your help we are getting closer everyday. Here's a quick update on the project and what has happened in the past weeks regarding HejoMap.

First of all, we'd like to thank all the current users that have been so helpful providing us constant new bugs to correct. There's still a lot more to find so please keep on using it in remote and random places around the world!

New features:

The main news about HejoMap is that we have achieved a full integration with Foursquare and Facebook, in addition to the classic Twitter way of updating your location. You simple need to authorize HejoMap and your position will be then automatically updated using your checkins. How cool is that? If you'd like to use this, send us a message to map@hejorama.com and we'll send you the (one-click) instructions.

One new feature is that you can add text, links to your blog posts or images in the tweets updating your position. This way it will be displayed on the map when you click on a position (cf. screenshot).

Fun facts

There are currently about 40 people using the system and there's at least one person on every continent. There was over 300 updates last month which makes a great ratio per users indicating that they everyone has moved a lot.

Here's our most remote update, courtesy of our friend Roy from his cruise ship:

Also, a quick note: some people seem to be thinking that we are updating manually all the positions. Be assured that we have coded a bot that does that for us. Which explains that if you don't conform to the syntax, your tweet will be discarded and your position unchanged. Sorry it's far from be an intelligent IE for now!

Coming soon?

We have many things coming soon for the map. First we will start adding people again soon, so please get in touch if you'd like to be featured on it. Also, we will use the maps in some exciting articles that we are preparing. The rest is a suprise!

Safe travels!