Thanks to our Loopcam x Hejorama contest we had the chance to get in touch with Korean photographer KangHee Grändås-Rhee who won the contest. We got in touch with him and start discussing our various project to find some possible collaborations. We like a lot what Kanghee does and especially his Pirate Flag International. He sends flags to people around the world to take photos with it and “occupy” the place as he says. As you can guess, this is definitely the kind of project we like and were very happy when we received a package from Korea.

Content of the package: a pirate flag, a Seoul subway mousepad and a Korea sticker. Thanks Kanghee!

Since we received the package the day before Ben and I went to the Castle of Montmorin (for a Cosmo project), we took the flag with us to occupy the castle! You can see some photos below. We used the castle pole and for a few days turned it into a pirate fortress which seemed adequate as we were hacking a multimedia network into the castle.

Here’s the map of the other place occupied by the flag. We will soon add more dots to it.

Here are some photos of the project (including ours):