Using geotags from sights like Flickr and Picasa, Eric Fischer created a series of maps of popular photo locations in 50 cities around the world that he calls The Geotaggers’ World Atlas. His maps are studies in human-interest, depicting a city’s most photogenic and commonly visited sights.

Fischer’s maps go further than plotting popular tourist locations though. Based on the time stamps of various users’ photos, he was able to determine which mode of transportation each photographer presumably used. The information is color coded on each map: black for walking, red for bicycling, blue for motorized vehicles, and green for rapid transit.

Fischer then created a series of maps differentiating between photos taken by locals and tourists in each city. Photographs taken over the course of a month or more are designated by blue plots on the map and represent locals. Photographs taken over the course of a month or less were presumably taken by tourists and are represented by red plots on the map. Yellow plots are designated for the unknown.

Both series of maps provide an interesting case study in what to see and where to photograph a city from the perspectives of both locals and tourists. Fischer has created several impressive series of maps. Back in 2011 we shared his Languages of Twitter map. Be sure to visit Fischer’s Flickr page for more of his work.